PAPA is a traditional healer from the mountains of East Africa. He was chosen by the Spirits to Help people using the Powers and Guidance of the Ancient Spirits and (Grand Parents). At the age of 8, he was taken by the spirits into the Forests to master the Herbs and power of the Spirits which she now uses to help people all over the world. People come from all Continents to meet PAPA for Help.

Dear visitor, I do believe that everything happens for a reason and you are not here by mistake.

Contact the Spirits that guided you here brought here for a reason. TRUST YOURSELF, TRUST ME and TRUST WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO WITH ME. Feel free to contact PAPA for Help on:

Astrology, Voodoo, Business Spells, Gays & Lesbians, In-law Problems, Love Spells, Luck Spell, Personal, Psychic Reading, Psychics and Divination, Magic Ring, White Magic, Witchcraft, just to mention but a few.


What motivates you to begin the path of self-discovery? To discover who you are is the greatest adventure in life! In the adventure, you discover that you are love; yet you must heal the past to truly fulfill this love and be free and happy. When you begin the path of healing, you discover your spiritual self and the powerful energy that is leading your life! You come face to face with the person staring back at you in the mirror and the illusion of how you have painted the landscape of your life. Realizing you have the power to change this illusion is the key! As you heal within, you change how you have been coloring the landscape of your life. You will no longer carry the past into your present and future. However, you must stop the blame game.

contact“I never went to school as she was busy learning the way of the Spirits,” Papa Says. I live with my two Grand Children who help me at the temple to pick calls, set appointments, interpret the help he offer to the people who visit her from different countries since I face a problem with communication mainly speaking different language with my Clients who come from abroad to see me and others who request me to visit them in their home countries especially those who need home, business and property Cleansing and blessing. The cleansing process requires me to go there in person and carry out the ritual myself but due to the communication problem, I move with my Grandchildren to help me perform the rituals. The rituals may be in form of Prayer, sacrifice, washing, drumming, dancing and shaking maracas(main sign of awakening the Spirits).


The great shift we are hearing about is the end of an age and the beginning of a new one. Ready or not, the energy of human consciousness and the earth is evolving. The consciousness of humanity is awakening resulting in a shift in vibrational awareness. In other words, humanity is passing through a morphogenesis from one state of being into another. How and why is this occurring?